Welcome to John Sherman's Lectionary.

Rev. John Shearman is a retired minister in the United Church of Canada. Over several years of his career, John wrote an introduction to the lectionary passages for each of the readings in the 3-year cycle.

Each set of readings consists of a short introduction, appropriate for inclusion in a church bulletin. It is followed by 'A More Complete Analysis', several paragraphs on each reading.

The readings are organized according to the lectionary cycle generally in use in the United Church of Canada, which is commonly used in most Protestant churches. Certain weeks in the lectionary cycle may not apply in certain years, due to the vagaries of the secular calendar in combination with the church calendar, where Easter moves from year to year. This collection includes most of the passages that could exist in each year, but some weeks (later weeks in Epiphany, early weeks after Pentecost) may not be present as Rev. Shearman did not run across that week during the time he was writing these analyses regularly. The menu on the left is (hopefully) self explanatory, organized by year then the general structure of the church year starting with Advent.

Vanderbilt Unversity offers a calendar with the current 3-year cycle at lectionary.library.vanderbilt.edu, linked here for your convenience in translating the calendar week into the lectionary week. (Opens in new window)

It is the privilege of Glen Abbey United Church in Oakville, Ontario to have Rev. Shearman as one of its members, and to host this collection of his work. We hope these analyses are useful to both lay and clergy in the wider church community and beyond.

Peace - the congregation of Glen Abbey United Church.